Empowerment Academy Charter School, which opened in September 2015, is licensing the proven Sabis Education System: the same education program used by BelovED Community Charter School, its partner school, here in Jersey City.

When BelovED first opened in 2012, its scholars arrived behind grade level, on average.  After just three years at BelovED, its formerly-below grade level scholars have now moved substantially AHEAD of grade level and are FAR OUTPERFORMING their peers in Jersey City, statewide, and across the nation.

Nationally normed Terra Nova assessments in the areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies prove that BelovED’s scholars are making 1.5 grade levels worth of learning gains a year on average.  (You can see the data here: BelovED Average 3-Year Learning Gains.)

The percentage of Third Graders at BelovED scoring “Proficient” on state Math assessments is more than 20% higher than the national average and almost TWICE the percentage at Jersey City’s traditional public schools.

On State Science assessments, 97% of BelovED scholars scored Proficient or better, with the majority of those scholars (57%) scoring Advanced Proficient.

Moreover, since opening, the percentile rank of individual BelovED scholars on Terra Nova assessments has been increasing by an average of almost 6 percentile points a year.

Imagine a student who enters a school with academic skills and knowledge greater than 60% of their age-level peers across the country, but after four years at the school demonstrates academic skills and knowledge greater than 84% of their age-level peers across the country. That is the pace of academic progress being realized at BelovED….

Empowerment Academy is a new school and it does not yet have multi-year learning growth data to report.  But nationally normed assessments show that Empowerment Academy’s scholars are making the same dramatic gains as did their peers at BelovED and as are scholars at other schools using the Sabis Education System across the United States.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THESE ASSESSMENT RESULTS.

To provide an example from outside of Jersey City, at the Sabis charter school in Springfield, MA, urban kids just like our own in Jersey City are way-outperforming not only their Springfield peers, but also students in the wealthiest suburbs of Massachusetts (the state with the highest-performing public school system in America), and for ten straight years, 100% of its high school seniors have been accepted to college.