What makes our Education Program so Effective?


All too often in America, teachers and schools evaluate themselves on the basis of what teachers have covered, not what their students have learned.  Under this traditional system, teachers cover material; their students are then tested on it not for the purpose of guiding their further instruction, but for the purpose of grading the student; and then, at the end of the year, some students get an “A” and some students get an “F.” The students who didn’t get the extra help they needed become discouraged. In fact, many public  school students, especially in America’s urban areas, drop out. These students are described as “failing.” In truth, however, it is this system that has been failing.

Empowerment Academy has implemented the SABIS® Educational System™. The SABIS® Educational System™ breaks the skills and knowledge that students need to master into “learning points” right-sized as to challenge (neither too challenging, nor so unchallenged as to be boring) that become the focus of a lesson. Instruction regarding these learning points is sequenced according to what research shows best facilitates student mastery of each point. Student learning progress is then carefully monitored and if students begin to struggle, they instantly receive tutoring or other forms of extra help; if students demonstrate uncommonly advanced skills, they receive extra challenges or enrichment opportunities to enable them to progress as rapidly as possible.

Our success is supported by our extended school day and our longer school year which enable us to provide our scholars approximately a third more instructional time at each grade level than is provided in the Jersey City Public Schools. Moreover, it is our philosophy of education that we are responsible for ensuring the successful academic, social, and character development of 100% of our students: so when we see students needing tutoring or other forms of assistance on top of the additional instruction our school day and year make possible, we provide that extra tutoring and assistance. Indeed, young scholars who need the extra help will be provided supplemental instruction or tutoring afterschool, on Saturday mornings, and during the summer – all for free. The one thing we won’t ever do at Empowerment Academy Charter School is quit on a child!